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About Us

Do you have an inspirational story of your own to share with us ?

‘NEW JOURNEY’ aptly describes the vision for a magazine intended to inspire us out of our comfort zones; appeal

to our sense of fun and adventure; motivate us into exploring new destinations; tempt and tickle our taste buds into trying new culinary delights; and invite us to discover ways to get our hearts pumping and our

souls singing. 

 The magazine will focus on new experiences, new beginnings, new ideas, new skills and new activities on

this journey we call life.  We aim to include content that will inspire us to find new ways to learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves, while

moving forward into a new direction. 


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Sherelee Clarke

021 0290 6460


Dennis Hawnt 

021 216 9238

Neilia Schroeder

021 0279 0842

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