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Chalk Art by Nadine Sawyer

Art has always been an interest of mine and provided me with a sort of tranquility to the demands of everyday life.

I was fortunate enough to have had a heroine of an art teacher, who taught me various techniques, and helped me to hone my own skills which lead to me excelling in the subject throughout my high school years. After school I joined a fashion design academy as there weren’t many opportunities to follow one’s passion and for three years I was able to utilise my skill and creativity to design and fabricate haute couture fashion wear. Then things tapered off a bit with regards to my involvement with the industry.

After a busy few years starting a family, along with settling and establishing ourselves in a new country, I’ve recently found the time to revive my artistic nature. I began painting again and then I felt like challenging myself with a new medium. Chalk pencil - and I would try to emulate what a photographer has captured in that moment through a lens. I’ve tried to capture that fleeting moment and soul through drawing these very detailed portraits, focusing on the visual power of black and white, with the shadowing representing uncertainty and the defining effects of lighting as an emblem of hope.

This particular range was completed on black A2 size paper in a delicate chalk pencil because, just like in life, these moments are delicate, non-permanent and can alter with the slightest environment change.

Feel free to follow or any requests can be through Instagram on @nadinki_s or email:

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